Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

My friends and are writing 25 random things about ourselves and e-mailing it to learn more about each other. It's fun. It kinda makes you think about yourself. It's hard at first trying to think of anything interesting but it comes easily later. Everybody should try it.

1. I'm a quarter Chinese and I can count 1 to 10 in Mandarin. My grandmother on my mom side was Chinese but was adopted by a Malay family.

2. I flew to Malaysia when I was 35 weeks pregnant so that my son will have Malaysian citizenship. It was very uncomfortable. By the time I got to Hong Kong I was about to cry but it was nice to have my family around me.

3. After giving birth to my son I was in confinement for 44 days. That meant I could not go outside of the house or downstairs very often(I could go to the doctors office) and could only eat bake, broil, steamed food. No ice, sodas and all the goodies I usually eat. I lost my baby weight but gained it all back when I came back to the States.

4. I bungee jumped in Phuket, Thailand.

5. I met LeVar Burton at the Sacramento Airport. He use to play Lieutenant Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I love that show.

6. I'm a t.v addict. My siblings are t.v addicts too. We have no idea where that came from because our parents weren't. I found out that what my siblings and I have in common, we get annoyed when someone is talking to us when we are watching our shows. So sad.

7. I share the same birthday as my brother who is 9 years old then me and a cousin who is 7 years younger then me. April 10th. Yea Aries!!

8. I feel uncomfortable when I get a compliment.

9. I sometimes sing a song out the blue and not realize that I'm singing. I could be singing Jingle Bells in the middle of a heat wave. My husband doesn't care for my singing.

10. I can't carry a tune. I got an D in voice class when I was in college. I froze in my final.

11. I hate public speaking because my voice shakes when I get nervous and it sounds like I'm about to cry.

12. I like being crafty but I'm not very patient to master it well.

13. I don't have very good eye and hand coordination and patience so I'm not good at video games.

14. I can't watch sad movies because it will make me bawl like a baby.

15. I jumped off the school bus before it came to a full stop. I hurt my knee and still have the scar. I think I was in primary school when that happened. I thought it would be cool to do it because I saw the guys would do it.

16. I was the only child out the 3 of the us that was in detention in secondary school. The detention in Malaysia is different from the States. From my understanding detention in the U.S, the students just stay in the classroom and think what you've done. In Malaysia, we have to show up on a Saturday and pull freaking weeds on school grounds or some kind of manual labor. My mom was angry!! hehehe.

17. I never knew how to pump my own gas till I came to the U.S.

18. My finger got stuck trying to pull out the receipt from the gas pump. I was horrified that they would have to call someone to help me. I did manage to relax and pull my finger out after a couple of seconds.

19. I have a horrible memory but if you asked me a useless information regarding a t.v or movie that i like. I'll probably know the answer.

20. I found out my blood type because my family use to tease me that I was adopted. I got my blood tested and found out that I was O+ and knew that my dad was O+. So that was the proof that needed to know that I was not adopted but I didn't realized that is a common blood type.

21. I love to visit other places but hate the process of getting there. I don't care for flying or driving to my destination. I get bored driving long distance. Steve would say it's a 6 hour drive to LA but for Azlina it would be 3 because she would spend the other 3 sleeping.

22. I can't sit still for a movie. I tend to fidget a lot.

23. I love carbs. Rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and spicy food too.

24. I hate cleaning my house but I get great joy after cleaning it. I get a high from a clean house. I feel like all is right with the world when I clean my house which is not often.

25. I hate exercising. It doesn't matter if I've been to the gym 6 weeks consecutively, lost weight and feel great about myself. You know how people say that it gets easier and once you feel great, you'll feel bad about guilty for not going. I can honestly say that has never happened to me. I have to motivate myself to get out the house to the gym.


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