Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Fun

It's been a while since I blogged. It's been really busy around here. Today we went to the Nutcracker. It was the first time my son went to the theater and it was the first time to the ballet. He did great. I was really anxious about bring him. He's a 3 year old boy. How would I know if he liked going to the theater or watching the ballet but I wanted him to have the experience and he did great! I'm so proud of him! He didn't cry, whine or want to leave early. I thought he would stay for the first half of the show but we stayed for the whole show. At times he was bored because it was kinda slow, but he clapped his hands when people clapped. I love watching his expression when we were in the theater. He was in awe. I hope to do this every year with him and make it a tradition until he gets embarrassed hanging out with his mom.

Yesterday, was another full day. He had a Christmas party at his preschool and that night our neighborhood fire department drove Santa around in their truck. It was really neat to see Santa and the firetruck decorated in lights. We could hear them coming a mile a way. We stood outside our house for half an hour waiting for Santa to drive by. It was cold but fun, because we were waiting with our neighbors and their kids. They were just happy to see Santa and got candy canes from Santa. It was a nice way to end an evening.

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