Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Reunion

Over the weekend my Dad's side of the family had a huge family reunion. I heard it was great fun. I guess it made it in the newspapers and the news on t.v. 700 people showed up for the family gathering. I'm kinda sad that I didn't make it but I'm glad to hear that a lot of people from all over the world made an effort to come to the reunion. It was reported that it was one of the biggest family reunions ever had in Malaysia. I'm sure it was a great way for the families to meet the newer generation and catch up with what's going on with each other's families. I wish I was a part of it but I was back recently for Eid. One of my Dad's cousin wrote a book about her dad Tan Sri Taib Andak. It should be an interesting read. My grandmother was mentioneded in the book on how she managed to send all four boys to university by selling apam ( steamed rice cake that you eat as a snack with grated coconut) during World War 2. I lost my Dad a couple of years ago and he's never far from my thoughts. Every time I look at my son I wish my Dad was still alive so that my son would know him. I know he would have loved this reunion because he would have gotten to meet up with the families he has not seen for a long time. Family was very important to my Dad. He and his brothers showed me that family came before money. It's nice to know where you come from and see how far your family has helped you get where you are. I'm very proud of my family for their achievements, values and loyalty. I'm glad that we have a family tree so that my son will learn his Malaysian heritage because it's easy to lose it when we're living in the United States.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Azlina. One of my wish list is to be able to hold a family reunion, too. Good thing, our family is not really big, so this could mean lesser expenses. :)
Have a happy new year to you and to your family.

penghulu said...

Hi Azlina

My name is Jalaluddin. I am your dad's cousin. Your dad's grandfather, Andak, and my grandfather, Abdul Majid, are brothers.

It's nice to know that you are keeping abreast with the recent family event eventhough you were not there. Hopefully you can make it for the future family event.

Have you got the two books we launched at the event? Should get your sis or your brother to send one to you. Good info on the family history and gynaelogy lineage.


Jalaluddin Jaffar

LIZZIE said...

Wow.. This is totally fun. To meet and recognize our family tree from generations before us as well.

As for myself, it would probably be a little too much fuss. I'd have to trace all my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc from Singapore, all over Malaysia, the ones from China, the ones in Pakistan... Wow! That could take FOREVER!