Sunday, November 2, 2008

Autumn Eats

I love Sunday mornings. I love going to the farmers market and seeing the fresh fruits and vegetables, the beautiful, colorful flowers. It makes me want to cook and live healthy. I love the feel of the cold weather because you know fall is here. After buying a bunch of vegetables and fruits, hoping I'll eat it before it rots in the fridge. I drive home noticing the changing color of the leaves. It hits me again that fall is here. Then I reach home and reality strikes me that I don't really cook well and junk food last longer then fresh food. Tonight after chopping and peeling the beautiful fresh and healthy vegetables that I bought today. My son decided that he didn't want to eat what I cooked, and threw a tantrum because we wanted him to eat what I had prepared. I hate to admit that I never have to force my son to eat junk food. It's sooo much easier to eat crappy food. But for now I'm determine to try and teach my son to eat what the earth can provide for us. Another day of promising myself that I will try to feed my family healthy and fresh food.