Sunday, November 16, 2008


The weekend is over. I can't say that we did anything exciting but it was a beautiful weekend. We did errands on Saturday and on Sunday I did some cleaning. I don't know what it is about cleaning. I hate to do it, but I love the feeling when my house is clean. In Malaysia it's very common to have maids in your home but in the States it's kinda pricey to pay someone to come over to clean your house for the day. We use to have housekeepers but I was getting tired of tidying the house before they came to clean. The thing I loved most was when I came home to a clean house. I can't even describe how happy that made me. No dealing with dirty bathroom, mopping or dusting. I had to overlook some stuff because it was not done the way I would like it but at least it was done. I miss those days, but those where the days when I didn't have a child and I was working so we had money. Now I get tired after I clean 2 bathrooms. Hmmm... I was thinking about my wish for super powers. I was thinking I wish I had super powers and enough money so that someone would clean and organize my house. Oops! That's my job, that's why I stopped working so that I could stay home with my son. It's worth it though.

I added some pictures of how beautiful it was today.


Dhemz said...

Wow! great pics you have here Azlina...never get a chance to take some of the fall leaves yet..heheh..:)
I agree with what you have the Philippines my parents have two maids..and I don't need to worry of anything like doing household stuff...when I got here in America..I have learn to do on my cooking specially. I don't cook and I don't clean when I was in the in the US? my goodness gracious maid is like outrageous...:)
I love to see my house clean too..but sometimes when we have kids even if how much cleaning and decorating you do..they always find way to mess it up...heheh!

Dhemz said...

Hey Azlina, are you having trouble on adding people's url? In case you dont know..all you have to do :
1. click on your "dashboard" (upper right hand)
2. Click the link "Layout"
3. Click "Add Gadget"
4. Click "Bloglist"
5. Then you can start adding people's url (website)
6. Always save every time you add them.
If you need help..just let me know...this is my email and my yahoo messenger demcy_apdiandias.

Myza Pesona said...

Well Azlina, bukan you sorang je yang kena buat kerja2 rumah tu seorang diri, same case here with me! You only have 1 son but I have 3 who are growing up. So u can imagine how my life is like especially during the weekend as I am a working mother!

Mara said...

Oh I so can understand where you are coming from! I hate cleaning. Period. And can you believe my part-time job is...CLEANING?! lmfao. Its different cleaning someone else's mess ...I rather do that then clean my own. btw thanks for stopping by my domain; i do have a blog here too thought ^_^<3Mara

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