Sunday, November 23, 2008

Television Addict

Thursday night is must see TV for me. It has my C.S.I. Las Vegas, Grey's Anatomy and there's a couple more shows I try to watch but it's kinda hard to watch it when it's on at the same time. I love watching television. I'm such a T.V. addict it's not even funny. I think it's in the blood because my brother and sister are T.V. addicts too. I would tape all my favorite shows and watch them later in peace. I love crime, sitcom, drama, you name it I like it.

Anyway, right now I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I find the characters and their relationships fascinating. The plots are so out of this world that the fans live vicariously through the characters on the show. How can one not be curious with nicknames like McDreamy and McSteamy. The drama and romance on the show is totally great and it helps that the actors are easy on the eyes. The music on Grey Anatomy is pretty cool too because it sets the mood of that scene. Right now, I'm loving the story about Dr. Christina Yang and Dr. Hunt. I'm usually annoyed with Katherine Heigl's character Dr. Izzie Stevens, but now I'm curious and I want to know if she's losing her mind and her ex-boyfriend Denny is her guilty conscious or Denny is a ghost that came back to help Izzie go on with her life guilt free. It's a long story but a great one. I know I'm rambling but it is a great series and you really should check it out if you haven't. I hope you love it as much as I.


Cookie said...

I used to watch Grey's Anatomy and I love the show, too. But haven't been able to watch lately. Hope to see it soon.

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