Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Is Here

Today I spent the day cleaning my living room and I mean CLEANING. You know the kind that you're on your hands and knees wiping the corners of the walls. I'm so tired from cleaning and decorating our Christmas tree and our house. Now my house looks like Christmas just threw up all over my living room. It's green and red so you can't get more Christmas-y then that. I've been toying with the idea of changing the theme of our Christmas tree but I've decided to wait. My son was helping us decorate the tree and I wanted it to be his tree and he can put what he wanted on it and if he broke an ornament then I won't be too angry because they're old. Which he did break a couple of ornaments earlier. I wanted it to be fun and colorful so he'll remember this experience, I think it's more for him than for us. We decided to buy a fake tree last year because it was just less messy and cheaper in the long run and also we didn't have to drag it from some lot and bring it into the house. Now my living room feels clean for the next 5 minutes and I'm sure it'll be upside down again within minutes. We're sort of ready for Christmas, we just have to put Christmas lights on the house, Christmas cards, presents and we're good. Did I say that we're sort of ready... hmm I take that back.


Dhemz said...

awesome christmas tree Azlina...I know kids love to play the ornaments..even Akesha is fond of the least now she's not playing them anymore...though she loves to turn the christmas light on....:) Good job on decorating!

Anonymous said...

halo Azlina i wish you merry Christmas, thanks for your nice visit..!

eugene said...

hi Azlina,i like the floor of your house,the beauty of it is enhanced by the standing chritmas tree.

I like to wish you a early xmas and good health..

take care now and thank for visiting my blog


Gina said...

it's beautiful