Thursday, November 6, 2008

Married with Child

Do you remember Peggy Bundy from the show Married with Children? It was eons ago, but the characters are very hard to forget. Katey Sagal played Peggy Bundy who was a house wife and sat on the couch watching either talk shows or soaps and eating bonbons. She refuses to clean her house, cook or parent her kids. I don't think she worried about anything. I was thinking about her while I was cooking dinner tonight. I'm always wondering what to cook for my family because I know it had to be something they will eat. I hate throwing away food, it's just wasteful. Everytime I have to throw food away I have the image of the starving African child. Ugh! this guilt thing that came along when my child was born really can gets on my nerves.

Anyway, I'm trying to do my part and save us a couple of bucks by not going out to restaurants. I love food, I hardly say no to food but just thinking of what to eat is such a drag. Feeding a family 3 times a day with your own cooking and not repeating the same dish within 2 weeks is hard. I tried Dream Dinners and it was o.k. Out of 4 dishes, we usually liked 1 or 2 and the rest were... so - so. Right now, my favorite cheat dish is the roastissery chicken. I had to go to Costco today to pick up a couple of items and I discovered that their roast chicken was only $4.99 and it was HUGE! When I saw the it, I thought to myself, "that is one huge chicken," and could not believe it was $4.99. I'm used to prices at Nugget Supermarket where the chicken is half the size and double the price. Remember I'm trying to be responsible and feed my family healthy food. I looked at it, read that the chicken was hormone and steroid free, so I'm thinking.. DINNER and etc. We can have chicken sandwiches, chicken with noodles, add the chicken to fried rice... the possibilities are endless. Well, that helps me cover some of the meal time menus. I don't have to think about what to feed my husband and son until..... Saturday. What a load off my mind.

The other thing that pleased me today was the price of gas. Usually it would cost $50 dollars to fill up my car and today, it only cost me $35. It's the little things that brings joy to our bank account.